Membership of Professional Association:

Australian Institute of Physics, Statistical Society of Australia,

Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Other membership: Friends of Science in Medicine

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-3086-6094



Theoretical physicist and computer modeler, with experience in bioinformatics and data science.



Strong programming skills, able to learn new programming languages readily. Experience with version control and open source development.

Proficient in object oriented programing. Currently working in Java. Other strong languages are R (3 ½ years) and python (four years).

Strong teamwork skills, indicated by joint publications in multidisciplinary teams, and successful participation in events such as HealthHack and ScienceHack (see OTHER ACTIVITIES, below).

Accustomed to habitual self-learning.

Strong mathematical, analytic, and communication skills.

Strong research skills, with multiple, first-author publications in international journals.

Extensive and varied teaching and tutoring experience, including residential tutoring and international experience.




                    Master of Philosophy (invited to graduate in July).


                    Doctor of Philosophy (nominated for university medal).


                    Master of Advanced Studies in Mathematics ( Tripos Part III )

1991 - 94      MONASH UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Science (1st class honours, pure mathematics).



2013 - 15      Recipient of Beaney Fellowship

1995 - 99      Recipient of ANU Graduate Student Award.

1995 - 96      Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Bursary.

1999             Distinction for Director's award for best student research paper accepted by a                     recognized, refereed journal.

1998 - 00      ANU University House Scholarship.

1998             Australian Institute of Physics travel grant.

1997             Winner of "Director's prize for best presentation of a theoretical topic" in the           "John Carver Seminar Competition".



Currently       Research Officer at La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sciences, modelling potential mechanisms of anti-cancer drugs and developing the BioPPSy package for quantitative molecular trait prediction.

Semester 1 2016      Tutor in Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne.

2013 - 14      Tutor at Ormond and Trinity colleges in mathematics and engineering.

Jan-Feb/2013 Coded model for study of river-blindness, leading to improved understanding of drug-resistance in the responsible parasite.

2009 - 12      Expert engineer (lÕingeneur expert) for INRIA.

Member of team Virtual Plants developing plant growth simulation package. Published parsimonious mechanism of hormone transport in floral meristems.

March 2008   Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Biophysics group, Research

School of Biological Sciences, ANU. The teamÕs project was to simulate the

transport of calcium ions through specialised cell membrane channels.

2005 - 07      JSPS Postdoctoral fellow at Chiba University, Japan.

                    Published papers in QCD confinement and discovered a novel symmetry

breaking mechanism in theoretical particle physics.

2003 - 05      Full-time lecturer at Kyung Hee University, South Korea.

                    Lectured in English to native Koreans on physics and mathematics at both

                    graduate and undergraduate levels.

2001 - 02      BK21 Postdoctoral Fellow at Seoul Nat. University, Korea.

                    Published papers demonstrating stability of monopole condensate in QCD.

2000             Postdoctoral Fellow (Part-time) in biophysics, chemistry department, ANU.

Research team published simulation of the transport of potassium ions through specialised cell membrane channels.



SCIENCEHACK 2016: Weekend hackathon where participants formed teams to extract useful information from available data sets. My team produced ŅPulsar VoicesÓ, a visual/auditory presentation of CSIRO pulsar data aimed at the layperson, which won second prize.


HEALTHHACK 2013-2016: Weekend hackathon where participants formed teams with medical researchers to develop open-source packages for solving real research problems. For last two years I helped organize, mainly through sourcing sponsorship and problem owners. Participated in first two years, winning Spirit of Healthhack (2014) and second prize (2013).


VOLUNTEER EXPLAINER: Questacon, at the (Australian) National Science

and Technology Centre, explaining exhibits to members of the general public.


PARTICIPANT IN "ADOPT A PHYSICIST" PROGRAM: An outreach program of the Australian Institute of Physics to encourage secondary school students to study physics.


GRADUATE TEACHING PROGRAM: A twelve week course of seminars and group

discussions on effective teaching.


VICE-PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT OF MONASH PHYSICS SOCIETY: During my tenure we organized special lectures, excursions and social functions to promote physics on campus.


TREASURER OF C.A.D.S. (Campus Amateur Dramatic Society) and F.O.M.E. (Science fiction and fantasy appreciation society of Monash University):


Currently teaching myself to play the flute. Other pursuits have included piano (Grade 8), leading a church choir, theatre (have worked with professionals), judo (green belt) and taekkyon (traditional Korean martial art).



Prof Brian Smith

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Dr Christophe Godin

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Dr Stephen R Doyle

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