Current Projects

Biology :

Bayesian networks of data from a cohort study. I am analysing data from a cohort study to clarify the causes of asthma.

Studying and modelling the dynamics of the plant hormone auxin and its molecular transporter PIN. The distribution of auxin is at the heart of plant morphogenesis, but how do plant cells "decide" to locate their PIN transporters. Our approach is based on the so-called 'flux-based' model, in which the expression of PIN in a cell wall is proportional to the flow of auxin passing through it. Modelling is done using the package Apo_Sim which I continue to develop.

Coding :

Apo_Sim is a package for simulating the biological processes of the plant hormone auxin and its molecular transporters. This is part of the OpenAlea project developed by the Virtual Plants team for studying plant morphogenesis.

We are also developing an extension of turtle dynamics for use on curved surfaces (currently generated by a nurbs patch), where the user is not required to consider the surface curvature explicitly. Commands to move forward follow a geodesic on the surface.

Physics :

Higgsless Symmetry Breaking
I have published two papers describing how QCD with five or more colours must suffer a breakdown of symmetry, even without a Higgs field. A well motivated ansatz leads to the emergence of most of the qualitative features of the standard model, including respectable estimates of first generation particle masses. Work continues to identify the W± and the neutrino. This is less of concern now that the Higgs has been found at the LHC, but may yet prove important at higher energies.

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
A mechanistic interpretation of quantum measurement is that mixed states generate off-diagonal contributions to the energy of
a measuring device, prompting evolution into a pure state.

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