Analytic Research

Always interested in new ideas and techniques, my previous analytic work includes publications in Ward identies, Dyson-Schwinger equations, supersymmetry, the QCD vacuum and its role in colour confinement, and Higgsless symmetry breaking within grand unification.

In theoretical biology I have used stable point analysis to derive results concerning models of hormone transport.

Coding Projects

I currently simulate the allocation of transporter proteins in the developing flower. I have also worked on computer simulations of ion channels in cell membranes. My doctoral thesis involved numerically solving coupled integral equations.

My programming experience includes pascal, python, C++ and Visual Basic and I can pick up new computer languages quite quickly. My python and C++ projects required large amounts of object oriented programming, and I can also work with Mathematica, Maple and similar programs.


Presentation of science topics for general audiences. I was a volunteer explainer for a short time at Questacon, and was part of an school outreach initiative called Adopt a Physicist, run by the Australian Institute of Physics. More recently I have given presentations on the interaction of science and religion. Available for club meetings, school classes, etc.


Science consulting for the sci-fi writer of any medium. Whether you want to be hard-core (e.g. Babylon 5), not so hard (Star Trek), or just plain fun (Red Dwarf), I can provide informed but imaginative scientific input. Mistakes caught and creative but scientifically valid solutions found. Here are some thoughts:
1) Faster than light travel requires new physics. Wormholes and warp drives are fine, but an extra large rocket engine simply will not do.
2) The evolution of humanoids is by no means inevitable on a given planet. Have paleontologists found humanoid dinosaurs? Use your imagination.
3) Film makers please, THERE ARE NO NOISES IN SPACE no matter how big the explosion is.