Dr ML Walker


Journal Publications:

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Elucidation of pathways driving asthma pathogenesis: development of a systems-level analytic strategy,

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The Infant Nasopharyngeal Microbiome Impacts Severity of Lower Respiratory Infection and Risk of Asthma Development,

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The Flux-Based PIN Allocation Mechanism Can Generate Either Canalyzed or Diffuse Distribution Patterns Depending on Geometry and Boundary Conditions,

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Invited paper:

Emergent Dynamics of Five-Colour QCD Due to Dimensional Frustration,

ML Walker, Symmetry 2010, 2, 1322-1337.


Intermediate energy spectrum of five colour QCD at one loop

ML Walker, chapter invited by Nova publishing for book Research in High Energy Physics Advances, arXiv:0710.1933 [hep-th].