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Dr Michael Luke Walker
M.Phil. (Bioinformatics), Ph.D (Theoretical Physics)

My research history ranges from machine learning in drug design and understanding asthma pathogenesis through plant growth to high energy physics.

MPhil thesis adapted linear classification methods (both Bayesian and logistic regression) to identify subtypes of asthma according to their exclusive predictors, but its main contribution was to infer networks of asthma-related variables from Markov Chain Monte-Carlo inferencing methods.

My papers include mathematical analysis, numerical solutions, and computer simulations.

Whether you have a small project that you don't have time for yourself, or need a collaborator with strong analytic and computing skills as well as knowledge of statistics and machine learning to complement your existing team, then I'm your guy.

I am also available to give presentations of science to general audiences, including school science and religion classes.

Contact: Dr Michael Walker  mlwalker [at] schrocat [dot] net